• Beer Pong Reloaded

    This weekend saw another epic round of beer pong. To give some context, TaxiForSure has been hosting beer pong nights and parties in popular breweries...

    Beer Pong Reloaded
  • Entertainment In A Taxi!

    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the winner of our ‘Entertainment’ contest, Harshdip Singh! If you are not aware of this already, we ran a contest in ...

    Entertainment In A Taxi!
  • Five Things Customers Do That Annoy Taxi Drivers

    Taxi drivers are like Gods. There is nothing that escapes their eyes or ears. Sitting on their thrones behind the wheel all day, they see and hear eve...

    Five Things Customers Do That Annoy Taxi Drivers
  • The BangaloreSelfie Party

    A shout out to all Selfie lovers… Was it a chill party or what! If you are asking yourself, ‘what party?’ then you missed the most happening party in ...

    The BangaloreSelfie Party
  • Your Brewery Hopping Guide For Bangalore [Infographic]

    Your Brewery Hopping Guide For Bangalore [Infographic]

App Update: Increased Safety, Better User Experience

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Snow Snow Go Away, People Want To Holiday – Holiday Getaways Away From The Hills

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10 Must Have EDM Songs For New Year Party

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Five Insane Real Life Car Chases

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7 Reasons Why Teenagers Take A Taxi

7 Reasons Why Teenagers Take A Taxi

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Indian Super League match in action

Indian Super League – Where You Going For The AfterParty?

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Save money while travelling, check. Still have fun, check

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7 Apps To Make Your Taxi Commute Better

Stuck in a taxi in chock-a-block traffic with time on your hands? Do not worry; here is a list of seven mobile apps for commuters that will help you m... »

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