• Beer Pong Reloaded

    This weekend saw another epic round of beer pong. To give some context, TaxiForSure has been hosting beer pong nights and parties in popular breweries...

    Beer Pong Reloaded
  • Entertainment In A Taxi!

    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the winner of our ‘Entertainment’ contest, Harshdip Singh! If you are not aware of this already, we ran a contest in ...

    Entertainment In A Taxi!
  • Five Things Customers Do That Annoy Taxi Drivers

    Taxi drivers are like Gods. There is nothing that escapes their eyes or ears. Sitting on their thrones behind the wheel all day, they see and hear eve...

    Five Things Customers Do That Annoy Taxi Drivers
  • The BangaloreSelfie Party

    A shout out to all Selfie lovers… Was it a chill party or what! If you are asking yourself, ‘what party?’ then you missed the most happening party in ...

    The BangaloreSelfie Party
  • Your Brewery Hopping Guide For Bangalore [Infographic]

    Your Brewery Hopping Guide For Bangalore [Infographic]
TaxiForSure Says ‘Hello’ To Its New Office

TaxiForSure Says ‘Hello’ To Its New Office

Of all the cliched notions that have been around for years, I think this one aptly fits for what is about to follow. But before you jump to any conclu... »


Republic Day Celebrations Around The World

‘We The People’ was how it all began for the celebration of Republic Day in India. When BR Ambedkar drafted the constitution of India, we ... »

Novak Djokovic, favorite to win Australian Open 2015

Ten Statements That Will Help You Impress Australian Open Fans

The Australian Open is well underway. Federer and Nadal, both have won their 2nd round matches and look ready for a potential face-off. Djokovic, Sere... »


Seven Types of Hosts You Will Meet While Travelling In India

As we gear up to celebrate the India Tourism Day on January 25, my lame brain is dwelling on things that range from downright, smack-whack insane to p... »


5 Signs You Need A Taxi

‘All the signs were there right in front of her.‘ Now you must be wondering why am I stating a random line from a random movie, that I hav... »


7 Types Of People You Will Spot At A Literature Fest

Did you know that Hemingway was on his death bed when he wrote this piece? Did you know that the first edition of this book sold out more than a milli... »

Funny tombstone quotes

Hilarious Tombstone Quotes That Prove Graveyards Can Be Funny!

‘’I will give you $50 if you can walk through the state graveyard at 2 in the night’’, the Englishman challenged. ‘’You can give me $500 and I will st... »


Must Try Wine Tours Of India

Long weekend in sight and facing the great ‘weekend conundrum’? Want to do something different that does not involve catching a movie or checking out ... »

Republic Day Parade in India

7 Republic Day Facts You Should Know

I have stood in rain and I have stood in fire I have burnt with cold and I have shivered in the heat I have seen my sons weep and I have seen my daugh... »

Shahi Paneer, Bharawan Da Dhaba

Don’t Leave Amritsar Without Eating Here

Reminiscing about any trip or any holiday during lunch time is a bad idea. More than the beautiful mountains, the shimmering rivers and the imposing m... »

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