• Beer Pong Reloaded

    This weekend saw another epic round of beer pong. To give some context, TaxiForSure has been hosting beer pong nights and parties in popular breweries...

    Beer Pong Reloaded
  • Entertainment In A Taxi!

    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the winner of our ‘Entertainment’ contest, Harshdip Singh! If you are not aware of this already, we ran a contest in ...

    Entertainment In A Taxi!
  • Five Things Customers Do That Annoy Taxi Drivers

    Taxi drivers are like Gods. There is nothing that escapes their eyes or ears. Sitting on their thrones behind the wheel all day, they see and hear eve...

    Five Things Customers Do That Annoy Taxi Drivers
  • The BangaloreSelfie Party

    A shout out to all Selfie lovers… Was it a chill party or what! If you are asking yourself, ‘what party?’ then you missed the most happening party in ...

    The BangaloreSelfie Party
  • Your Brewery Hopping Guide For Bangalore [Infographic]

    Your Brewery Hopping Guide For Bangalore [Infographic]
3 Million cab bookings serviced

Three Million Cab Bookings Serviced By TaxiForSure, And Counting!

One in a million. One in two million. One in three million. Your ride is one in three million. Today is a historic day for us. Today is a day of rejoi... »


These Print Ads On Road Safety Make The Point

Road Safety rules are the ones that are unwritten and don’t need to be explained, just like the ‘Maintain awkward silence in the elevator’ rule. For m... »


Safety First: Let Your Friends & Family Track Your Journey!

A lot has been spoken about making our urban spaces more inclusive and safer, especially during the night time. Many SOS apps have been launched in th... »

pain of the loved ones

Road Safety – Six Videos That Will Leave You Gasping

I am going to start this blog on an ominous note. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 3, 400 people die due to traffic related acc... »


Is Your Car City-Ready?

I wonder what Bane would have to say about Batman’s car. Or for that matter what Batman would have to say about James Bond’s car. Both these gentlemen... »


10 Tips For Road Trips In India

Have you and your friends been dreaming about country roads, scenic views and sunny fields? Time for a road trip then! Here are 10 tips for road trips... »


TaxiForSure Introduces Economical Taxis In Nagpur

TaxiForSure has reached the centre of India, literally! We have formally arrived in Nagpur with big plans to make short distance travel in the city co... »


5 Things To Do In Mysore You Will Not Find In A Travel Guide

Mysore is a historic town that has retained its quaint charm while developing into a modern city. Visitors from different parts of the world throng to... »

TGIOF 2014 Bangalore: Music and beer, who needs anything else?

TGIOF 2014 Bangalore: Music and beer, who needs anything else?

Disclaimer: The photographs featured in this blog are the sole property of the writer and were taken under the influence of alcohol. If you are not ab... »


TaxiForSure Launches Safe, Economical Taxis In Aurangabad

Maharashtra is seeing a lot of action this month. We are talking about TaxiForSure’s launch in the tourism capital of Maharashtra close on the heels o... »

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