• 7 Places To Visit In India Before They Disappear

    As Tennyson wrote, “All things must die”, the verse reminds me of the places and monuments across the globe that will cease to exist in so...

    7 Places To Visit In India Before They Disappear
  • 10 Funny And Bizarre Incidents on the Cricket Field You Must Watch

    You have done your share of drooling over the wives and girlfriends of the cricketers and so have I. Let’s move on then to some of the most funn...

  • 10 Cricket Fights You Need To Watch

    World Cup 2015 is fast approaching and with the most coveted trophy on the line, every team will go all in with their tactics as well as their attitud...

    10 Cricket Fights You Need To Watch
  • Game Of Thrones Valentine’s Day Cards

    As Valentine’s Day approaches, so does all the merchandise and the hunt for that perfect thing to say to you S.O. So, I got thinking. What would...

    Game Of Thrones Valentine’s Day Cards
  • 5 Signs You Need A Taxi

    ‘All the signs were there right in front of her.‘ Now you must be wondering why am I stating a random line from a random movie, that I hav...

Jewelry shopping at Khan Market

Shopping In Delhi – Experience A Whole Different World!

I have known two things that can cheer up anyone, anytime. Chocolate and Shopping! Never have these two magical things failed to lift up the spirit of... »

Raj Kachori at Haldiram's, New Delhi

Eat, Pray…And Eat Again At The Best Places to Eat In Delhi

If I had a dime every time someone asked me about the best places to eat in Delhi, I would have been retired by now, living in the pristine mountains ... »

Live band performance at Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi

Baby’s Night Out In Delhi!

So gaya ye jahan, So gaya aasman, So gayi hain saari manzilein, o sari manzilein, so gaya hai rasta …. To this very day, I love this song from the mov... »

Chandani Chowk, Delhi

10 Awesome Places To Visit In Delhi

Like a dog chasing his tail, like Pakistan trying to win against India in a World Cup match and like Alia Bhatt trying to solve 2+2=?, I have embarked... »

Bandra - Worli Sea Link, Mumbai

Where Will You Play In Mumbai?

All work and no play makes you as grumpy as your retired army uncle. Sure, Mumbai is a city that moves very fast and you have to keep pace with it. Yo... »

Hawaiin shack, Mumbai

Light Out – Night Life In Mumbai Calls Out!

Without doubt, Mumbai is the city with the most vibrant and happening nightlife in India. Famously called ‘the city that never sleeps’, Mu... »

Palladium Mall, Mumbai

Of The Streets And The Malls – Shopping In Mumbai

Mujhe jhumka dila de re, o saiyyan deewane Mujhe nau-lakkha manga de re, o saiyyan deewane…… I have a penchant for beginning a blog with a... »

Rabri Jalebi, Made in Punjab, Mumbai

More Than Just Paav Bhajis – Places To Eat In Mumbai

When I was a kid, I believed wholeheartedly that people in Mumbai ate only Paav Bhajis. Blame it on Bollywood that always showed the people in Mumbai ... »


Food and then some: Places to eat in Pune

People have made billions by answering one question that many a million people ask, ‘What are the best places to eat in this city?’ Yes, I... »


Of all shapes and sizes: Nightlife in Pune offers exciting prospects

Pune has a crowd which is mostly college going students, and there is one thing students love, party. And, Pune provides ample spaces, structures and ... »

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