6 a.m.: Need an urgent ride to the airport! Tap tap!
8 a.m.: Flat tyre! How do I get to the office? Tap tap!
12 p.m.: Grabbing lunch at the other end of town. Tap tap!
6 p.m.: Want to catch forty winks while reaching home in style. Tap tap!
9 p.m.: Someone save me from this awful movie. Tap tap!
1 a.m.: Late-night hunger attack! Tap tap!

Tap tap, Bengaluru! We are very happy to bring you a new avatar of TaxiForSure. Starting today, you can book your taxis in just two taps with our new Android and iOS apps. Our apps take the helpful service that you have come to expect of us at 60601010, speed it up, and fit it all in your pocket or your purse. And what is more, enjoy the first non-airport ride booked from the app at a flat price of Rs. 99!


Here is a brief look at what you can do with the apps. In coming posts, we will dive deeper into these features and share our story with you.

  • Login with your existing account or register a new one.
  • Book a taxi to travel to or from the airport to any location in the city.
  • Book a taxi for point-to-point travel between non-airport destinations.
  • Book either of these rides for immediate travel within the hour or for travel more than an hour away.
  • View driver details and track your taxi.
  • View past bookings and rate your experiences.
  • Manage your favourite locations to make booking even faster.

And this is what our apps look like.

This is only the beginning. We have some exciting updates planned for the apps, so make sure you update to the latest version. As always, we appreciate your feedback and are always looking for ways to make the experience better for you. Please write to us with any suggestions, feedback, or comments at app-feedback@taxiforsure.com.

Go on, get our apps, and start tapping!


For our customers in Delhi, we are working hard to bring the convenience of our apps to your city soon. Watch out for an update from us. For our future customers in the rest of the country, we cannot wait to bring our services to your city!

For a services company targeting retail consumers, setting up a customer feedback channel is either low in the priority list of the organizations or, if put in place, highly moderates the inputs received. With the trend of deploying social media among the businesses, especially start-ups, as an easy channel to hear what customers have to say and perform a self-assessment, an unbiased way for the customers to be able to communicate effectiveness of the services in reality is a rare sight.

At TaxiForSure.com, we understand that to support and augment the growth we have realized since we started, it is critical to keep our customers at the very centre and learn lessons to continue evolving as a service provider. We have always strived to be able to receive upfront inputs from customers experiencing our services: a negative feedback makes us realize what we lack and how to improve it; a positive feedback gives us motivation to continue doing that. Whenever a booking with Taxiforsure leaves a customer unhappy, our day doesn’t end till we identify the root cause and address it. Reaching a point where every day is with 0 complaints is the obsession for our team and fortunately we have experienced a lot of such days. With the strong focus of our business in retaining our customers, the importance of this whole activity becomes all the more critical.

We did not realize the depth of this obsession in all of us till we started our Facebook page and were discussing about the kind of access we should allow to our customers; it did not even take minutes to arrive at a consensus that our customers have the right to give us and other potential customers whatever experience they have had: good or bad. Unlike some other service companies in the taxi space, we never remove any post from our page from a customer who has even the most minor complaint on us; in fact we try to address those in whatever way possible.

We realize that the negative statements can exceed the positive ones on our page because the way we humans function. Imagine a very common scenario, you buy a phone, there can be two situations after that: First, you are happy with the product performance and second, you are not. What is the probability that you would go to the product page and right a positive review when you are happy with it as against the situation when you are pissed with the phone quality? Just because a customer is angry doesn’t mean that there isn’t any element of truth behind their comments. This human psychology helps in constantly improving TaxiForSure as unhappy customers give us ways to put in place process improvement measures so that we can keep them happy the next time they hire us.

Our Facebook page is completely open to our customers! Drop by and say a thing or two about your experience with us. We request for honest feedback to help us improve over time! :)

December month is extremely close to our hearts. Apart from stimulating the contemplation about experiences in the gone by year and planning for the coming one, the month has been crucial in the evolution of TaxiForSure.com as an organization.

The month has challenged us, tapered us, pushed us into trenches as well as gave us ways to come out of those trenches, and just when we were just half way to being content about ourselves, it raised the bar higher for us. So apart from the Christmas and New Year, we celebrate this month for other things as well, things that have taught us many lessons in building a great service for our customers.

The central most aspect which enables us to stand strong has been our great team here. Last December, we were a team of 7 and now we are more than 85. More than 10 times increase in just 12 months! Our team has been working hard to put together pieces, all converging towards a wonderful end-end experience for our customers: right from making the booking to end of the journey. Thank you guys!

The number of bookings that we serve everyday has increased more than 15 times since last year. We don’t assess ourselves just on the numbers we are serving but also on how we are serving it. Combining both aspects, it’s our pleasure to say that we are now doing 15 times more happy commutes than last year! ?

We have made some fundamental shifts over the year in the way we function – be it technology, operations or various other aspects and we are glad to realize that those changes have been paying off in a fruitful and sustainable way. And we are sure that we would be making some mega-shifts in the year to come.

Thanks to all our customers for giving us an opportunity to provide them with the TaxiForSure experience.

One more thing, we have some amazing information to share with you in the days to come, please watch out this space for updates! ?

Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!

PS: Don’t drink and drive post New Year’s parties! Call TaxiForSure - BE THERE! ;)

We continuously strive to make booking with TaxiForSure.com as simple as possible. We have introduced the address-saving feature on our website so that you can save all your frequently used addresses with your most identifiable labels to make booking a taxi faster and simpler than ever.

You will see this when you go to the provide details page on our website. So now, you simply login and everything is ready for you to check out with just a couple of clicks. You can also edit any entries by accessing your profile by clicking on your name once you login. Watch out for more fantastic innovations from our end. Taxi booking was never simpler! :)

TaxiForSure just turned a year old on June 5th and yes we did all we could to celebrate our first birthday. Of course there was cake and yes it had to be shaped as a taxi! The day was filled with the usual hustle and bustle of a budding business, but we did find time to celebrate. Our dedicated team indulged in an evening filled with fun, music and games. As a bonus each of us has a personalized mug to commemorate the occasion.

It has been a whole year and we have seen our company grow from just a team of two to a team of nineteen. It has been an unbelievable journey oscillating between the elation of recognizing our dreams and the ambivalence of realizing them. From a little room to a whole office space, starting from scratch to numerous customers every day, we have grown in size and confidence and we are grateful to our customers for the enormous faith they have vested in us.

We are one!